Welcome to the Tribe!

I’m so glad you’re here and are taking steps to strengthen your mind, body and spirit! If you’re like me the idea of just “working out” isn’t enough. If you’re like me, you want to feel good on the inside first. You want to have energy to enjoy life. You want peace of mind. You know you can’t do it alone. You know you need a tribe.

My Yoga Tribe started life as an idea cooked up between me and my husband, videographer Doug Davis. Our passions, like our careers, are centered around creativity and exploration. After managing studios and teaching for 10 years I had toyed around with the idea of opening my own studio but here in Dallas yoga studios are like Starbucks . . . they’re everywhere. So instead, we decided to combine Doug’s skills with my knowledge and create a virtual yoga studio that we could manage from anywhere. We decided to call it My Yoga Tribe because all of the instructors on the site are a tribe of friends and go-to experts. We call on each other whenever we have injuries, need motivation or help, or just want to have fun. We take each other’s classes and look to each other for guidance. Each instructor’s goal is to help people transform their lives while learning to love themselves and celebrate their uniqueness. We want to share that sense of community with students across the country and the globe.

Read more about MYT and meet your tribe by following this link.

We hope you enjoy and let us know what you think!



My Yoga Tribe Brings You Yoga Anytime, Anywhere

The journey of life is a fluid one with many twists and turns along the way. Wherever in the world your life takes you, we want you to take us with you! My Yoga Tribe, our subscription-based video service, enables you to continue your yogic journey uninterrupted. To learn more about this service, contact us at info@myyogatribe.net or call 254-433-1166